Don't worry, as long as the payment has come through, a Redeem Code will be generated and sent to your Email. The redemption link is always sent to the email typed in the 'Product Delivery Email' box shown just before you checkout. If you still don't see it in your Email, check Junk/Spam folders. Sometimes, customers type in the wrong Email or search through a different Email Inbox. If you still can't find it, Open a Ticket using https://support.getclout.net/ with your Transaction ID and a staff member will reply within 12 hours. Alternatively, you can send us an Email on [email protected] with the Transaction ID, OR you can join our Discord server and make a Ticket there!
If your order was cancelled, you might have typed in the wrong Link/URL. In addition, social media accounts that are set to private will NOT work. It must be publicly available to everyone. In rare circumstances, it might be cancelled if our service and API is under heavy stress. In that case, the order is automatically refunded.
If your account is banned, it means that you broke our rules (Aka Terms of Service). If you chargeback via PayPal, we will ban you from using your account. This stops you from spending the credit on your account till the transaction is cleared. We usually will not provide any support if you decide to chargeback as you broke our rules. If there's any genuine money related issue, open a Ticket instead of chargebacking so we can understand your issue and help accordingly!
If you see this error when trying to create an order it means the service flagged a check. In most cases, this will automatically clear. However, if you still have this issue you can create a ticket including the price of your order and we will validate it manually.
If you didn't receive an automatic refund from a partial/cancelled order, please try the following steps. Go to the Orders page (https://getclout.net/orders.php) in a NEW Tab/Browser and reload the page ONCE. In most cases, the balance will update. If not, our team will be able to manually apply a refund to your account. Please contact us by making a Ticket for this.
A partial order means that the order didn't fully complete. Partial orders happen for many reasons including issues with your account, a service issue on our end and so on. When a partial order happens, it means that it will not come through anymore. Anything that remains will automatically be refunded in Website Credit/Balance. You can either A) Re-order with the remaining credit you were refunded B) Spend the credit on something else.
The brackets next to a service define the type of service you're ordering. For example, service 4413 [Instagram Followers], the [5K] refers to the maximum quantity you can do IN ONE ORDER (you can place more later, once the order finishes). Orders with [R7], [R30] means the Refill time period (so refill 7 days and 30 days in the previous example). During this period, if your followers drop you can ask for a refill for free which fills the remaining service back up to whatever you ordered.
In very rare circumstances, there is always a chance that your account might be flagged for moderation. We advise customers to make more orders in smaller quantities. This way, it reduces the chances of your account been noticed and also makes your account look more organic.
We have a reseller panel that we offer to customers. You can find more information about it here: https://getclout.net/reseller-panel.php